still life

still life. 

this is not a still life. 

constantly changing,

ever evolving human beings. 

this life is not static, and never can be.

the pain comes when we reject change, 

when we ache and plead

for things to remain

the way they are, just now;

or were, once upon a time. 

and we stand still in fear,

unable to look closer

to see that the people, things, moments we love

have already taken on new shapes.

new meaning.

and are waving to us,

calling to us

from the road up ahead

around that bend

where we dare not go.

but do we not remember, 

it is only the unknown

of which we are afraid?

to touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it

is to know it.

so we take one step,

and then one more step,

and then another ...

for we, too, are changing.  


~ words and image by melissa markle