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lifestyle, travel, and portrait photographer and writer living in denver, colorado

It can never be entirely clear where one story ends and another begins …

In September of 2008 I lost the single most influential person in my life, the one who gave me life, whose womb was my first home. Although the grief transforms with time, it never does go away. It has changed and molded me, shifted my organs to allow for a fuller heart, a heart beating and bleeding with one more emotion now – perhaps the most difficult of all.

That Christmas, just a few months after my mother died, my father gifted me a Canon Rebel, my very first DSLR. Seven months later during a visit to the Colorado Rockies, my best friend taught me how to shoot using the manual setting, choosing the aperture and shutter speed, reading the light meter, selecting the ISO. Perhaps that was the beginning. Or the middle. Certainly it wasn’t the end.

Over these past eight years, my companion (my camera!) and I have traveled far and wide, temporarily trading the city sounds of Manhattan for far quieter places such as the mountains of Colorado, the beaches of Sri Lanka, the churches and temples of Israel, the alleyways of Paris, and the fields of South Africa, to name just a few. We’ve shot for outdoor adventure clubs, engagements, weddings, family portraits, lifestyle, and of course plenty of travel.

I find my deepest peace with my camera in hand, "lost" in a familiar place, exploring as if a child who is seeing this magical world for the very first time. I believe that photography inspires when it evokes the emotion in a moment, the vastness and grandeur of this place we call home, the beauty in simplicity and imperfection, and the differences between us that make us alike. 

I recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Denver, CO. Please shoot me an email if you would like to collaborate or just say hello! 


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